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Dating with polish girls. Matchmaking with russian women. Singles from Ukraine.
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Dating with polish girls. Matchmaking with russian women. Singles from Ukraine.

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Liubov Spring
I like all pleaseres of our life.... i will write in letters and will tell when we to see each other....
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Robert Léger
I\'m a dreamer but realistic, a creative and passionate person, a bit crazy, very curious, I am sensual and searching for a person that want to be close physically, emotionally, wanting to explore and develop communication through our bodies, all senses, not just talking and listening. It is my senses that serve me to learn, they give info to my brain so I can feel and understand.

I can touch everything. I\'m renovating my house, I have started to write a book, I like camping, cycling, walking. In fact I love nature, science, new discoveries, I love to learn. I am fond of animals, particularly dogs. I like classical music, jazz, French songs, the \"chansonniers\", play a little piano and singing is something I love, etc. But I am also messy, working on it. I want to give more space to my emotional life and to my health. I work to keep healthy.

Looking for a person that I love to see close to me, a person sleeping beside me, her skin against mine, my arms around her. I am looking for someone to share feelings and thoughts, someone to talk with, about our goals and dreams, together to realize them . My ideal partner would like to discover new things, she\'s curious. She loves the outdoors and nature. She has not an aggressive character, she loves cuddles, she\'s not afraid of silence and hugs. She has projects to share, I would love to be close to her. In fact, growing together. My life will be dedicated to her. She must be aware about her way of living to keep herself in good health.

First we must meet and see if we can match, being friends at beginning and soon lovers. Interested? I do not want to spend years to send messages. What I mean; we start by writing our desires and wishes to meet personally in less than a year. We take the time to reassure us and confirm our lives. I will answer questions you will ask. Once we are convinced, then together we set set up our meeting. Let me know if it sound good for you. You can propose your way and we will discuss about it.

We are from different worlds so explaining is the way to get out of frustrations. When we get angry it is because we do not understand, so the reason to explain. We have to be patient. Living together in harmony is the goal. We have to work our relationship for a permanent one. At least that we feel it is permanent. Do not hesitate to put comments. No photos, no answer.

Here on the site we can have all the similar services as other specialized sites like : camera, voice, files, photos, e-mail, etc. Let me explain so we won\'t lose time. Many of the women ask to use another site, once there they ask for money, telephone, internet bill, etc. Do not contact me if it is your intention. If your interest is real, use the site here until we both feel the need to change otherwise it means you are not interested enough then better we do not lose time and try with somebody else.
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