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Ismail ISM2169
18 years
160 cm
53 kg
Khouribga / Morocco
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♡♡ #24for24
Paul PAU4212
20 years
179 cm
60 kg
Olongapo / Philippines
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Nice person and good attitude.
Vikram VIK6445
31 years
172 cm
60 kg
Bangalore / India
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Hi there ! M here to find some good souls ...
Tim TIM5641
48 years
166 cm
70 kg
Luxor / Egypt
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Nico NIC1148
24 years
178 cm
67 kg
Brussels / Belgium
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Hi girl, I wanna meet you
Femi FEM8955
47 years
182 cm
98 kg
Torino / Italy
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Ja razvedeni
Kbair KBA3347
19 years
140 cm
58 kg
Manouba / Tunisia
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I love you
Maha MAH4762
19 years
171 cm
60 kg
Mumbai / India
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I am mahadevan I am single
Adrian ADR3325
21 years
173 cm
56 kg
Brisbane / Australia
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I'm looking for Kind, caring and loving too
Kwsths KWS7224
40 years
190 cm
90 kg
Athens / Greece
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Simple and funny
Harry HAR4208
57 years
176 cm
81 kg
Kiel / Germany
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Unfortunately now I can not reply immediately.
My name is Harry and I come from Germany. I am 49 years old, was never married. My occupation is a roofer, I in the last year a small company created. Therefore I have much in the summer (Germany) work. In the evening after the work I make still office works, papers. I have 2 daughters, it am already large, I live alone.

I look for a woman in the I fall in love and she happy make
I am very romantic. I like children.
Ff LEE4414
30 years
173 cm
70 kg
Jiami / China
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Bekir BEK2777
47 years
180 cm
65 kg
Berlin / Germany
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Bitte kontakt nur mit telefonnummer!!!!
Afshin AFS3213
49 years
177 cm
90 kg
Badulla / Iran
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I am Iranian and single.
Thor THO4790
43 years
188 cm
83 kg
Damanhur / Egypt
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Very straight forward, romantic, emotional, very passionate, and lusty
Maan MAA6985
26 years
200 cm
85 kg
Leeds / United Kingdom
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Am original if u wanna know me just snd me message i will answer u soon.
성현 FF7994
41 years
170 cm
78 kg
Seongnam / South Korea
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Im normal n kind person. I looking for a woman who will be good wife.i want serious relationship between u ne
Jemjey MET5896
45 years
169 cm
68 kg
Cologne / Germany
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Offen, ehrlich, feste Beziehung..
Justin JUS3103
46 years
181 cm
84 kg
Nullawarre / Australia
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I'm like to think I'm just your average down to earth kind of guy. I think trust and honesty are two of my best qualities which are also qualities that I'm looking for in a partner. I enjoy sports (both playing and watching) and the quiet life.
Nae NAE1238
49 years
170 cm
37 kg
Alexandria / Romania
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Hi how are You love ksees come me You private