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Frankatsubasic FRA5129
46 years
183 cm
100 kg
Calgary / Canada
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My name is Frank. Aside from knowing about computers and technology, I try to know a little about everything xxxxxxxx I'm trying to meet someone who is well educated, respectful, and is willing to work together to creat a family. No pics, no respons
Marty MAR73371
38 years
180 cm
80 kg
Bern / Switzerland
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Welcome to my Profile;I am seeking for true love. Could that be you? Respect a girl or a woman who appreciates her lover and her husband for ever and for life and is afraid of God to preserve with them their religion and sanctify and appreciates the marital life in every sense of the word. Honestly. Open to advanced life. Trust and willingness to build eternal and loving life without limits..Sweetheart, have you ever thought about how beautiful our relationship is?A you need me I need you in Life my AngelI wonder if it is possible for couples to be like usSo open to each other. enjoy together or Descover the World in our Holidays Trips
Salaün SAL7892
75 years
169 cm
72 kg
Brest / France
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Après une longue navigation avec tempêtes , recherche un ponton ( le ponton du bonheur ) .... pour déposer mon "baluchon" dans l'attente d(une sirène :
... La sirène chante et danse .


Une sirène calme et épanouie à l'heure de la retraite .
Musa MUS2686
46 years
177 cm
70 kg
Kyrenia / Cyprus
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Very affectionate and genereous. I will kike a partner that is willing to make sacrifice for both.
Manuel MAN9805
58 years
173 cm
80 kg
Zürich / Switzerland
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I'm a man from Switzerland. I wish a nice and serious new relationship. A relationship with great future.
Darrick DAR1730
44 years
165 cm
63 kg
Stuttgartlu / Germany
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I am a multicultural person. Therefore, I like to travel in nice countries. I try to respect other cultures an traditions. Sometimes it is difficult, but i try :-)
At the moment i try to learn a little bit Spanish, so when i travel in middle/south America i hopefully can understand an talk a little bit to the people.
I also like to make sports.
I would like to learn Latin-dancing (like bachiata and salsa), so i hopefully will make it, to start a course the next months.

If you are sportive and like to travel too, we can enjoy life and have fun.
A bit later in the future when everything goes well we can build up our own family with children.
Have only the account on Latin L
Jürgen JUR7907
64 years
184 cm
95 kg
Obersinn / Germany
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Ich bin ledig , habe keine Kinder und lebe hier alleine in einem Holzhaus alleine !
Conny CON3777
67 years
170 cm
80 kg
Hallstahamm / Sweden
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As a person I am well mannered and well behaved. As I am very curious and somewhat stubborn I have travelled more or less the whole world. I do like to learn about different cultures. I haven´t had time for love and women earlier in my life, but I feel its time now.

Sports, nature and travel are my main interests.

I´m looking for a woman that wants to build a family. Skincolour or religion are of no concern for me.
Akim AKI1320
47 years
164 cm
68 kg
Luxembourg / France
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Personn cool et open
Piotr PIO4653
28 years
168 cm
69 kg
Sosnowiec / Poland
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I'm disabled - on the wheelchair. I go however only in my home. I look, gloomily, said and darkly. But only seemingly it is because, muscles of my face are paralysis.
Anestis ANE1829
54 years
172 cm
75 kg
London / United Kingdom
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I am a kind, honest, fun and very loyal person. I am passionate about my family and friends. I have a successful carrier and a very active social life which I would love to share with someone special. Most people would say I confident but dawn to earth. I have a positive attitude to life and make the most of it. I have good sense of humour and love to make people smile. I am searching for someone that can be my soul mate and share the beautiful things that our world has to offer.

Normand NOR4417
73 years
168 cm
66 kg
Ottawa / Canada
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Hi! Looking for friends, romance, love & maybe more: Drama Free. Tell me about You.
James JAM2919
34 years
182 cm
80 kg
Bad Hersfel / Germany
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caring understanding, can listen - looking for a tender loving good looking woman.
Richard RIC2598
71 years
186 cm
82 kg
Meriden / United States of America
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I am looking to get to know women from other countries around the globe/ will i connect with anyone i don't know but it fun to explore/ i like women who are sweet but sassy and have a passionate nature in and out of bed/ funny a must / looks well i like the looks of many women/let's get to know each other and have some fun rich
Johann JOH7153
54 years
177 cm
98 kg
Salzburg / Austria
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looking for nice girlfriend for a future together ......
first, you can visit me from July to August here in Austria,

I would like to travel at the end of the year, I am looking also for a nice companion. Asia would be preferred for swimming, diving, hiking.
You are welcome to plan the trip (in your country?).
.... In advance, I would be happy about a nice chat.
Miquel MIQ4050
57 years
167 cm
96 kg
Torelló / Spain
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After the years that your mind is the abode that keeps those beautiful forms of your life. I know that in a lost place in Tuscany now there is a road covered in yellow leaves that leads to a house among cypresses and vineyards. One day I will go and look for it ...
Santos SAN2586
56 years
179 cm
73 kg
Los Angeles / United States of America
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It’s the little things in life that means the most. Many people focus on the big things and that’s fine.. but how often do big things affect us ? Maybe every few months that’s if you have huge dreams but in reality it’s the little moments that build up to make most of our lives. It’s about time I dedicate all my time to the little things. I am extremely ecstatic and look towards a fresh start. I am looking for a friend but hoping for something more. If not I will at least be building all of my little moments that maybe will make someone else laugh and smile. I love to joke around and have fun and I am extremely easy going. I hate fighting and hate to argue but I do love to debate. I am also a greater listed and not a “one upper”.I also enjoy a good conversation and believe if two people want to get to know each other then they have to be open and honest from the very beginning and all the way. I am ready to meet that special person that I can spend the rest of my life loving and who will love me back. I love to cook, I think chivalry has all but died in most relationship but I try to fix that one open door at a time. If you agree with this, and we talk and spend time together, I promise to be a break from the norm.
Jhon Alexander JHO7305
44 years
160 cm
58 kg
Armenia / Colombia
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Charlie CHA7366
61 years
168 cm
72 kg
Seoul / South Korea
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Hello everyone. Nice to see you. I'm very glad to see you here. I want lady who she'll good education and nice speak English. Thanks for reading.
Nusmass ERM4380
41 years
178 cm
82 kg
Athens / Greece
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Hello beautifull life. I can meeting beautifull and kind ladies...