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Oleg OLE9361
48 years
179 cm
73 kg
Lviv / Ukraine
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xxxxxx xxxxx
Vikram VIK6445
31 years
172 cm
60 kg
Bangalore / India
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Hi there ! M here to find some good souls ...
Ralf RAL1567
60 years
179 cm
125 kg
Rommerskirc / Germany
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A warm hello to all ladies here with real honest and serious intentions. My name is Ralf, 60 y. o. , divorced, live alone since 5 years and I’m really tired of it. So I’m looking very serious for an honest, sincere, dedicated and faithful relation, a partnership based on mutual respect, trust, harmony, tenderness and passion – mentally and bodily. You will find in me a very attentive, romantic, loving and tender man, who will present you his big heart and offers his two strong shoulders to trust and lean on. I’m employed at State Government, live in a small village - near Cologne - in a country-house. I have no children and don't want to have anymore. Your adult children are always welcome in my home, but should live their own live. I love calm and untouched nature, specially the Provence in France, holidays at seaside or near mountains, I like watching TV, movies and serials, prefer music from the 70s, I like to cook, sometimes visit a cozy restaurant, driving with car to nice places or different landscape. I like to cuddle, to kiss and to enjoy romantic moments . I'm an absolute normal man, with normal desire to love and to be loved. My friends say, that I'm very honest, absolutely faithful and too good to stay alone - so I believe them and agree : ). I can affirm, that I have a big heart full of love, that I have to give a huge amount of tenderness, warmth, and affection. I really don’t like stress and hectic, loud words, fights, lies and infidelity, full-body-tattoos, facial piercing, silicone-tuning and fanatics (sports, , politics, etc. ).

In my house I have mirrors without build-in "photo shop", and so I'm able to recognize my personal borders, but I exactly know whom I'm looking for. It would be nice, if you are a little younger, have a normal figure and a pronounced feminine appearance. All in all natural, nothing artificial or faked. Especially I like small, petite and graceful women – the direct opposite to me : ): ): ) You should appreciate inner values, be absolutely faithful and honest, loving, caring and passionate. Knowledge of German language would be nice, but at last a good English. After a lot of senseless contacts here, I meanwhile decided, only to respond to women's letters - WITH ACTIVE PROFILE and WITH AT LEAST ONE ACTUAL PHOTO - for not wasting time anymore.
But I'm not a paying member anymore, so you have to give me a possibility to answer in another way.

Because I can't fly with airplane, a probable meeting should take place in my home zone. I beg for pardon and understanding, but this is an unconditional criterion for me ! ! ! If you find yourself now in all this, don't be shy - look at my photos !! and send me some lines. I don't bite - only if you want : ): ): )
Rabal RAB4655
49 years
162 cm
39 kg
Montreal / Canada
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For fun
Jongbeom YOO5806
50 years
173 cm
79 kg
Seoul / South Korea
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I got divorced 15 years ago. Because ex wife had an affair with other man. Since then i lived with only my children's. Yah..I'm single dad. I just looking for serious relationship
Julo JUL8661
69 years
170 cm
90 kg
Bern / Switzerland
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Ich bin einfach Familienorientiert, Liebe die Natur.
Ich suche eine herzige, treue Lebebnspartnerin
Michael MIC6361
59 years
184 cm
90 kg
Houston / United States of America
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I am interested in someone who can get a VISA to come to the USA.
Contact me. See below, I am an unpaid member. I was a paid member.
I live in Houston TX USA. Contact me by phone.
Good to hear from you. Love you all. Michael Sopher
I am in the insurance business. Need a policy? ha ha ...
Joseph JOS2543
48 years
180 cm
84 kg
Riverhead / United States of America
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Italiano Americano Alpha Male
Searching for my Princepessa
Too Be my Queen for life!
Searching for my future wife and mother of my children
Wanting to start an exclusive relationship that would lead to marriage and children
Old Scbool European Values and Parameters are a must
Family Oriented and goal oriented
Everything is in place except for the most important part
Dove se Amore mio???
The love of my lifetime
Please show yourself
I'm waiting patiently for you!
I xxxxxxxxxxxxx xxxxxxxx too chat
Richard RIC2598
71 years
186 cm
82 kg
Meriden / United States of America
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I am looking to get to know women from other countries around the globe/ will i connect with anyone i don't know but it fun to explore/ i like women who are sweet but sassy and have a passionate nature in and out of bed/ funny a must / looks well i like the looks of many women/let's get to know each other and have some fun rich
Gustaf GUS8124
58 years
188 cm
88 kg
Stoxkhol / Sweden
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Goodloking man with a taste for curvy, busty women, volouptus....
Muhammed MUH3941
19 years
180 cm
65 kg
Zifta / Egypt
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Loving action
Anthony ANT6052
52 years
182 cm
82 kg
Saint Helie / United Kingdom
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I like children,animals and nature, easygoing loving, sporty,
Aman AMA7178
20 years
158 cm
55 kg
Mumbai / India
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I am nature lover and i love family and friend i love ag.
Monroe MON4712
67 years
196 cm
100 kg
Atlanta / United States of America
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I am a single kind and caring man. I am interested in finding a Latino lady that can speak some English, between the ages of 50 to 60 years old. I LOVE Latino ladies even though I don't speak Spanish. When I find this lady I will make her the happiest lady in the world.I am a one woman man.She can teach Spanish and I can teach her English.
Heinz HEI2461
66 years
175 cm
75 kg
Rehburg / Germany
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Bin auf der Suche nach einer lieben Frau!!!!
Frank FRA8571
60 years
176 cm
81 kg
Pfullendorf / Germany
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Kann hier leider nicht antworten , da kein Voll Mitglied ! Kontaktiert mich dann habt Ihr meine Daten ! Ihr werdet mich finden im Netz !
Thomas THO5258
56 years
187 cm
93 kg
Egmond Aan / Netherlands
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Ich bin ein humorvoller, aufmerksamer und liebevoller Mann. Ich suche eine Partnerin die mir das Selbe geben kann und eine langfristige Beziehung aufbauen will.
Michael MIC7110
41 years
177 cm
83 kg
Neuwied / Germany
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Ich lebe im im hier und jetzt
Ted TED5933
62 years
182 cm
114 kg
Staten Isla / United States of America
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Good faithful woman.
Mijan MIJ4964
72 years
160 cm
88 kg
Wiena / Austria
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Świadek Jehowy z Austrii
Witam i odpowiem inteligetnej Pani mijan malpa tlen kropka polska. Przypomne , ze jestem zonaty i nie moge robic nikomu nadziei matrymonialnej, ale chetnie sie zaprzyjaznie mijan-obserwator