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Thomas THO0183
44 years
199 cm
103 kg
Chemnitz / Germany
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I from Germany can not read contact information pro-member!!
Bo BOE2488
38 years
180 cm
90 kg
Shanghai / China
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Find a woman who can take me as her treasure forever.
Frank FRA8571
62 years
176 cm
81 kg
Pfullendorf / Germany
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Kann hier leider nicht antworten , da kein Voll Mitglied ! Kontaktiert mich dann habt Ihr meine Daten ! Ihr werdet mich finden im Netz !
Javi JAV2501
26 years
171 cm
71 kg
Havana / Cuba
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Soy un chico que me gusta y sabe divertirse
JL JL1593
58 years
176 cm
95 kg
Melun / France
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Looking for my soulmate.. Where have you been all this time?
Uwe UWE6915
55 years
188 cm
130 kg
Essen / Germany
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Ich suche mit den Herzen, nicht mit den Augen
Jari JAR9030
59 years
175 cm
85 kg
Turku / Finland
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I am funny, trustworthy, caring for my loved ones and hardworking. My partner can be young or youthful because I am myself too. So age doesn't matter when we like each other's company and have fun together. The child is not an obstacle.
Magz MAG2200
25 years
175 cm
70 kg
Dubai / United Arab Emirates
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God fearing and smart in all kinds of life
Frank FRA3720
74 years
174 cm
75 kg
Minden / Germany
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leben und leben lassen
Aamir ali AAM5150
23 years
168 cm
51 kg
Amsterdam / Pakistan
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Need a good life partner serious relationship
Andy AND7132
55 years
181 cm
92 kg
Schwarzenbe / Germany
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Seeking Ladyboy, Shemale or a Woman, am looking forward to the news.

The Sky about pe is andyerzg.
Peter PET5375
57 years
187 cm
88 kg
Unna / Germany
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Im saerching for a serious relationship
Shah SHA4782
55 years
173 cm
77 kg
Johor Bahru / Malaysia
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I am an ordinary guy..honest & sincere. Looking for the same
Lutz LUT8298
57 years
170 cm
72 kg
Munich / Germany
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I am sure that the most important thing in each person, is her or his soul. I would like to say that, sometimes, when you first see someone, you can make a wrong opinion about that person, and only because of her or his appearance. That is why I am sure that, before making a decision, you should talk to that person. Careful, Friendly, Honest, Polite, Romantic, Tactful.
Harold HAR9740
63 years
183 cm
94 kg
Pensacola / United States of America
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do you know where the famous chat lineHAVE A RETIREMENT-THAT I WISH TO LEAVE TO

presently - i have a nice bayside house for sale 3 bedroom 2 bath - one block from the BAY OF PENSACOLA AND THE ''GULF OF MEXICO'' - COME SEE THE GULF OF MEXICO!! - IT'S SO - BEAUTIFUL!
Michael MIC6740
40 years
181 cm
75 kg
Lydersholm / Denmark
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im looking for a young girl for long term/serius relation and who is willing too come too denmark and start a family im honest ,hate cheaters , i hate violence and i like small and thin women and i prefer long hair hehe but sendt me something so i can contact you
i want a wife and thats it
Alvaro Pereira ALV7185
54 years
168 cm
66 kg
Ingelheim / Germany
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Hello i ...
Alex ALE6159
52 years
177 cm
82 kg
Fb Jack Joh / United Kingdom
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I need someone in my life who knows her own mind and is optimistic, someone with energy and passion who enjoys adventure and also enjoys quiet times together.
I value a positive attitude, a healthy body and ambition for the future.
I want to hear from you if you want a permanent relationship and if you have a very open mind, ok? I accept your past. FB my profile name if you want to add.
Abdulsalam ABD5190
46 years
160 cm
70 kg
Sanaa / Yemen
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love from inside , which we want and we believe it
Jürgen JUR7907
66 years
184 cm
95 kg
Obersinn / Germany
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Ich bin ledig , habe keine Kinder und lebe hier alleine in einem Holzhaus alleine !