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Rabal RAB4655
49 years
162 cm
39 kg
Montreal / Canada
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For fun
Raffaele RAF2551
58 years
169 cm
86 kg
La Spezia / Italy
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ciao a tutte
Matthias MAT6041
49 years
177 cm
86 kg
Ostseebad B / Germany
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Und vollendet

ist mein Wirken, wenn dein Wesen,
mit dem meinen
sich zu einem glockenreinen
Einklang bindet.
Denn da oben,
den Akkorden ew'gen Seins,
sind wir Eins.
Nur mit dir kann ich durchschreiten
Aller Zeiten letzte Pforte.
Dieses ist's, was ohne Worte
sich im Licht mir offenbarte.
Michael MIC1236
51 years
172 cm
75 kg
Hockenheim / Germany
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My life is full of work and my kids, so I'm not sure what I'm looking for. But if you are the right person, with or without kids, everything is possible.

For woman they look for a partner: don't ask me for my email cause I want to get know you and I not want to write a romantic story. Better talk by camera, cause anyway I m in the car, in helicopter or with customer.

Message for scammers :don't write me, cause 100% I never send money, to no one, for nothing and for no matter what.... So directly not try it and save my and your time
Andreas AND6764
54 years
176 cm
84 kg
Berlin / Germany
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Alles kann , Nichts muss ...
Anthon ANT2710
49 years
166 cm
58 kg
Balatero / Philippines
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Thomas THO5279
54 years
176 cm
73 kg
Cologne / Germany
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lieb,treu,sensibel,suche kein abendteuer
Ted TED5933
62 years
182 cm
114 kg
Staten Isla / United States of America
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Good faithful woman.
Eddie EDD5435
54 years
186 cm
105 kg
Lüdenscheid / Germany
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Bin auch bei "Tina und Andreas" + Nasza-Klasa
George GEO1919
52 years
181 cm
85 kg
Wokingham / United Kingdom
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Single male form U.K Scots by birth, live south England close LondonIn medical profession just turned 50 last monthBit shy at first till I get too know you ,submissive in nature caring attentive loyal by nature,G
Jose JOS3671
31 years
183 cm
85 kg
Cartagena / Spain
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Educado, respetuoso y deportista!
Buena gente siempre es bienvenida.
Antes de juzgar conoce!
Frank FRA1134
55 years
184 cm
71 kg
Close To Br / Germany
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Udo UDO7040
56 years
178 cm
72 kg
Mannheim / Germany
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Old school: I am a gentleman. I look for my soulmate. I love to travel.
Maarten Bos MAA4897
49 years
188 cm
87 kg
Zoetermeer / Netherlands
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My name is "maarten bos". You can easily find me on f ace book
Or call zero zero three one one two two two eight zero zero nine
Berry BER5988
34 years
183 cm
70 kg
Roermond / Netherlands
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Hi there beautiful ladies! Looking for my soulmate to share mij life with. The good and the bad time together we are one
Peter PET56522
50 years
175 cm
70 kg
Dublin / Ireland
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Hi there,
I'm looking for a serious relationship with someone I can relate to and trust. I'm willing to invest a lot in a partnership and hope to meet my match here.
Artem Kashkaev ART1459
30 years
187 cm
88 kg
Moskva Mosc / Russian Federation
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Hi! My name Artem I am a professional portrait-painter, I like to listen to heavy metal music.
I hesitate the first to write: Hi! :)
Frank FRA66133
56 years
185 cm
120 kg
Unna / Germany
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Hello, I am looking for an emotional woman who is interested in a real partnership and wants to live with me. Nationality is not important, communication is very important. English or German would be fantastic. Please no games, you do not play with the feelings of other people. If you like me it's ok, if not then do not contact me.
Mdeninefortyfour MAR91328
54 years
195 cm
107 kg
Greensboro / United States of America
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Go to chat.
Holger HOL6875
54 years
186 cm
79 kg
Hanover / Germany
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Sie muß treu und ehrlich sein