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Pedro PED5124
48 years
180 cm
67 kg
Ciudad Boli / Venezuela
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Alto delgado, sociable,agradable....
Puedes escribirme al xxxxx
Frank FRA8571
62 years
176 cm
81 kg
Pfullendorf / Germany
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Kann hier leider nicht antworten , da kein Voll Mitglied ! Kontaktiert mich dann habt Ihr meine Daten ! Ihr werdet mich finden im Netz !
Wenny 'love WEN7628
52 years
192 cm
100 kg
Willemstad / Curacao
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Humble smart honest with clean inside
Aitor AIT7821
60 years
171 cm
62 kg
Bilbao / Spain
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I am a man for all seasons of the heart
Alexander ALE0785
42 years
196 cm
124 kg
Kirkcaldy / United Kingdom
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...Well, If you are driven purely by cosmetic appeal, having seen my picture, I'm certain you are not even reading this and have moved to the next profile. I frighten myself, I'm animated in a respectful, refined, tactful, honest and mature sort of way. Driven with a zest for creating a sound, fulfilling, enjoyable quality of life, I possess an impeccable sense of humour blended with some true unadulterated sarcasm. I like to cook....Savy in the kitchen, my food rarely catches fire and I'm able to create a masterpiece of eating pleasure...Am I on UI?......No, I have got a stable, fulfilling career that I really enjoy ... Driven to succeed personally and economically, I work very hard and have found the true balance of a successful career and a great personal life...I'm not Arnold...If you get alredy here, then just send me an text as the first contact, take care
Jonathan JON6751
61 years
157 cm
50 kg
San Jose De / Philippines
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looking love
Garry GAR4419
56 years
178 cm
94 kg
London / United Kingdom
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Im not to good at describing my self but i am told i am a good looking and kind person.
I looking for someone special to get to know over the web then hofully meet with a view of a long term relationship..
Ron RON7324
61 years
187 cm
80 kg
Edinburgh / United Kingdom
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Hello ladies, well here to find someone that likes the look of me and would like to take things further.
Kenta KEN5449
67 years
180 cm
74 kg
Gothenburg / Sweden
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I am or was a musician who cut down a little, but once the music, always music ...
But we are still out there and play some ...
Barry BAR5788
70 years
183 cm
59 kg
York / United Kingdom
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good sense of humour.willing to be loved and to return the love
Harald HAR4172
65 years
180 cm
67 kg
Altenburg / Germany
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Man lernt sich beim Einkaufen kennen
Christian CHR5051
49 years
188 cm
85 kg
Kassel / Germany
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I am looking for a sincere woman. I am absolutly free in my decision, but trust and respect should be in the centure of the decision.
Wayne WAY5218
67 years
183 cm
69 kg
Davao / Philippines
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For everyone I do not have a Philippine wife.
Tatt TAT9878
48 years
160 cm
68 kg
Atlanta / United States of America
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I'm clever and I love beautiful woman...
Bjorn BJO2539
49 years
188 cm
75 kg
San Antonio / United States of America
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I am 52 originally from Germany but I have been living in the USA for most of my life.Have traveled through the Ukraine before and planning to return soon.Not on here to chat online much, but meet someone in real life and in person. Anybody trying scams and fake profiles, forget it, you will be reported.

- - - ONLY NON-Vaccinated please! (Covid). No Vaccine --DO NOT take any of the gene mutating covid vaccines, they are dangerous and can severely harm you, make you infertile or can be deadly! - - - So if you took that covid shot please do NOT contact me! I am serious!

xxxxx Unfortunately I cannot travel to RUSSIA xxxxx
xxxxxPreferably looking for someone from the Ukraine!

I am a Christian, my faith is very important to me, so is family and friends. I am looking forward to starting a family and have children with the right partner. I am very loyal, goal oriented, honest and like to make people laugh. I keep myself physically fit and in good shape with sports and healthy food as well as mentally and spiritually. I don't smoke nor drink (alcohol).

Looking for a loyal Christian Woman up to about 36 yrs old. . . as marriage partner, someone who is ready to start a family and have children and is willing to go side by side together through anything life brings in good and difficult times. For that it would help if she also was guided by her Christian faith or is at least open and willing to learn, so we can work together as a team . Also needs to have good English conversation skills to communicate enough to make a relationship work. NO smokers!
Uj UJN2677
55 years
170 cm
82 kg
Speyer / Germany
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Sometimes a hug is enough
Ove OVE8830
58 years
179 cm
74 kg
Aarhus / Denmark
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I am loyal, honest and loving and respectful to each other. A Relationship / Marriage requires hard work and we do it together as a team.
I know I can not do it by leaning.
I believe that romance is important and keeps the fire burning inside our minds and hearts for each other.
By no means do I need a xxxxx , but my very best friend.
Love my little Kitchen so we can inspire each other there how lovely.
I want both to do our very best, to create harmony and understanding, to remember to value what we want to do for each other, I want us to be open as a book to each other and share all our thoughts, feelings and secrets of adversity and success with each other and feel romance, warmth and affection ..
And remember that the past it does not stand to change, but the future does.
Two who can do all the many things together, they can achieve all, their dreams in serious community.
Lives today in his own apartment, but has not grown solid after a space of time.
And working from home.
Translated in a simple way "The strong community makes one strong"
Then it's just that left if your thoughts will be able to match the above, then I would suggest you write.
Just trust your self.
38 years
180 cm
90 kg
Shanghai / China
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Find a woman who can take me as her treasure forever.
Rai RAI2072
66 years
160 cm
60 kg
Eisenach / Germany
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Ich suche eine Frau.
Günther GAN5184
58 years
181 cm
75 kg
Vienna / Austria
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Nice austrian guy