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Uj UJN2677
56 years
170 cm
82 kg
Speyer / Germany
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Sometimes a hug is enough
Catch me if you can on WhaAp

Plusfournine onefiveone onesixone onesevenzero twozero

I am 55 years old

The definition of "I LOVE YOU".... is devotion!!.... not.... "send me money"....
James William JAM0836
50 years
146 cm
34 kg
London / United Kingdom
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I love to meet the right people at the right time. And enjoy spending time with my love ones.
Sandi SAN3948
44 years
177 cm
95 kg
Vienna / Austria
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Nur die Liebe zehlt.
Denis DEN9209
34 years
191 cm
117 kg
Potsdam / Germany
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Mich fargen
Sebastian SEB4458
59 years
168 cm
70 kg
Lima / Peru
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buscando amistades tener conocidos
Austin AUS6196
59 years
167 cm
-- kg
Montreal / United States of America
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Cool and love to be with.
54 years
183 cm
83 kg
San Francis / United Kingdom
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I am looking for a serious relationship and yes someone also who loves wearing leather mini skirts and leather dresses etc because I also wear lots of leather myself as well and always wanted a true leather lover just like me
Nando NAN8067
46 years
176 cm
67 kg
Denver / United States of America
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Life is to short..so make it ur best....
Johnny JOH8357
49 years
175 cm
90 kg
Hamilton / United Kingdom
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Alpha Male
Darren DAR9627
35 years
178 cm
-- kg
Hamilton / United Kingdom
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Message for d. I. C. K
Steffen STE9102
61 years
179 cm
82 kg
Auerbach / Germany
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Hi all ,my name is steffen i look only for honest young Girls to 30
I hate incomplete Profile!!!!!!

Claudio CLA3934
66 years
163 cm
83 kg
Bern / Switzerland
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Unternehmungslustig hilfsbereit lustig Treue
Manuel MAN6991
37 years
172 cm
-- kg
Frankfurt a / Germany
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Man muss mich erleben
Dennis DEN5589
63 years
181 cm
78 kg
Beaumont / United States of America
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Hello Ladies,
I would love to communicate by email, BUT I believe that you are not truly interested in only a pen-pal So until I have finished major projects like building a new house and a HUGE work related project, I will have to wait to begin writing letters.
My LOVE is deep, intense and passionate. It is like a volcano that is dormant for much too long and is waiting for the time of release.
I do not know if the woman reading this will be able to handle it. You must accept my love at your own risk. I am not responsible if you burn up.

I love a woman's tenderness.......her innate ability to care. I love her gentleness of heart in those quiet moments, when opening her heart reminds me that I can open mine just a little bit more.

I am interested in a woman that truly wants to learn how to love. A woman that knows that true happiness comes from loving. As love increases in the relationship, then happiness increases.

Alex ALE7250
54 years
174 cm
80 kg
Shizuoka / Japan
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I'm an honest person that is looking for the same.
Klausdieter KLA2453
60 years
176 cm
76 kg
Mülheim / Germany
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Finde es selber herraus.
Hatem HAT2483
33 years
146 cm
60 kg
Omam / Oman
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xxxx g. mail. Bab rrh gdyb igbvg
Dominic DOM9229
74 years
179 cm
67 kg
Plymouth / United Kingdom
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Lonely seeking romantic partner
Frank FRA8571
63 years
176 cm
81 kg
Pfullendorf / Germany
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Kann hier leider nicht antworten , da kein Voll Mitglied ! Kontaktiert mich dann habt Ihr meine Daten ! Ihr werdet mich finden im Netz !
Solo SOL3411
46 years
166 cm
64 kg
Singapore / Singapore
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I'm like travel and nature. Looking for someone who love life.