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Basil BAS3109
70 years
175 cm
77 kg
Burlington / Canada
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I would like very much...to be loved. When I find her I will be attentive to you. Every day will be filled with joy.
My love will be strong. Always showing affection and caring by small everyday actions.
When we think of each other we will feel that strong love of belonging to each other.
Looking at one another, we will recognize our love and our eyes will reflect this.
We will be like 2 magnets, always seeking to be together.
Daryl DAR5256
73 years
176 cm
126 kg
Germantown / United States of America
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I'm a simple man living a very simple lifestyle. I treat others the way I'm treated. I have an adult son who lives in another state. I live alone and am divorced.
Klaus KLA5026
66 years
185 cm
95 kg
Wiesbaden / Germany
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searchin for a new start with a new love
Marc MAR17342
55 years
169 cm
78 kg
Roth / Germany
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Looking for you...
Wanna have fun...
Leremy HEI5560
48 years
175 cm
70 kg
Bremen / Germany
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I am very interested in leaving Germany - it would be of great advantage if you could speak a little German - I am just learning Spanish.
and no women UKRAINE who ask for e - mail and do not want to show if they really exist - those are all fakes for me
Wolfgang WOL6224
58 years
171 cm
128 kg
Solingen / Germany
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treu ehrlich und geduldig
Rain RAI2088
62 years
188 cm
91 kg
Bremen / Germany
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Ich suche hier eine liebe, nette
Jo JO1209
67 years
174 cm
66 kg
Brighton / United Kingdom
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I like life, art, a good movie, a bit sport, work and study and read and write and many other things that make a beautiful life. I like to laugh and make others laugh. I am financially stable.
And the best time of my life is just about to start.
I like to share it with a good wife. She does not need to work outside but just for me, run and manage the household and if she likes she can on and off help me in my home office. Otherwise, just be with me and enjoy living.
Geoff GEO0499
49 years
175 cm
75 kg
Elizabethto / United States of America
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Someone to pamper and love until death.
David DAV2056
63 years
195 cm
109 kg
Gonzalez / United States of America
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I am a simple man, I will take care of the lady if she takes care of me...
Ha HAM6623
43 years
176 cm
71 kg
Nuremberg / Germany
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Tell me more about yourself. I am curious. :-)
Herbert HER5011
69 years
178 cm
85 kg
Vienna / Austria
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i am from vienna and living alone. i am good man with big heart and search a woman to share my live with. I am single and have no children. I hope here find a nice woman, with good heart and be honest, sincere, faithful and kindly. All visitors best Regards!! I only a free-member! Unfortunately, I can only respond to standardized review.
Nasser NAS2600
66 years
173 cm
79 kg
London / United Kingdom
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I'm honest a kind and simple and understand , I hate lies ,I like travel and shopping and beach , I like watch movies and TV show .
Bernd BER1155
70 years
172 cm
86 kg
Leipzig / Germany
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If you have two hands that can not just peel asparagus, if you have a mouth that can not just blow out candles, if you have a butt that does not just push out chair cushions, then get in touch with me and tell me, what all these beautiful body parts can xxxx
Bernd BER1254
63 years
178 cm
88 kg
Möser / Germany
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Suche nette Sie
Michael MIC5655
57 years
185 cm
95 kg
Oberhausen / Germany
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Want to meet my soul mate
Andreas AND7293
45 years
177 cm
87 kg
Johanngeorg / Germany
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Aditya ADI5092
41 years
188 cm
89 kg
Baroda / India
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I would describe myself as a jovial person having depth and appreciating the smaller things in life...I dont fear God but I love him cause one cant love what he fears A couple of bad relationships have taught me a lot and have helped me nail as to what I want from my partner. It would be nice to meet someone who is open minded and willing to try a new life in a new country.You never know how and where love strikes.
Andreas AND1823
64 years
172 cm
65 kg
Bern / Switzerland
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My name its Andreas 61years old. I had 34 years ago a Accident, now I am paraplegic. I live alone, I manage everything alone. I have my own, good running Business. I would like to meet a nice helpfool women, for my futures.
Andreas AND6077
56 years
186 cm
78 kg
Meerbusch / Germany
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Suche eine liebevolle,humorvolle,Treue,romantische Frau