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John JOH3338
54 years
187 cm
75 kg
Liverpool / United Kingdom
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I'm looking for friends from all over the world - I love to make friends and I cherrish them with all my heart... why is finding love so hard? do you believe in love at first sight? or are you one who leads witht the head? I believe that nothing can replace it and it can't be faked...
Roger ROG8278
63 years
182 cm
90 kg
Courchevel / France
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Looking for someone to cuddle, to be cuddled - I am a loving father, witty,sporting,good company, laugh a lot, play hard, work hard, just need a lady who is exactly that - a lady, tender, genuine, honest, likes variety in life, laughing, going out, staying in, will accept me and my kids for what we are, fun smiling people, who can’t be anything but nice - we want somebody to join us, not change us, and we do not want to change anybody. We just want a friend, a sister, a lover (for me!!) Oh, and it would be good if that special lady likes snow and ski-ing because that is a major part of our life as we live, and I work, in the Alps!!
Being close to nature is good, not too wrapped up with modern life, but also able to enjoy fast cars, even faster bikes, wild parties, and quiet nights in, but most importantly always respecting others as well as ones’ self whilst living life to the full!
I am looking for someone who needs to be loved as much as I do, is honest and caring and who smiles with her eyes and her soul and not just with her face!! A true, real person just looking for another, that’s all !!
Attorney ALP5995
72 years
177 cm
89 kg
Northbrook / United States of America
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I am looking for a sensual, loyal, trustworthy and ethical woman.
Andreas AND25992
57 years
180 cm
96 kg
Duisburg / Germany
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Hello here is Andreas 56 years old if you like a mature man and don't want to play but want a serious relationship and marriage then YOU can have him.
I am romantic, cuddly and passionate but sometimes wild when it comes to love, otherwise I want to enjoy life with you.
Gavin GAV7866
59 years
194 cm
94 kg
Greenville / United States of America
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I am a very flexible person and easy going. I wanted to take care of a woman and take her out of the tough economy of Russia and the Ukraine. I am very much a gentleman and since my marriage failed because of my wife's cheating, I would like to concentrate on the woman's needs and work hard on making the marriage successful.
Bill BIL2958
72 years
176 cm
99 kg
Vancouver / Canada
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Good sense of sarcastic humour, love music, interested in everything and everyone, like to see the funny side of life. friendly, financially secure, looking for a friend first, they must be honest, loyal, warm,open minded. Not looking for booty, just someone who is nice and warm, homely and trustworthy
Atul ATU4553
27 years
174 cm
51 kg
Moscow / Russian Federation
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I am 25 year old. Looking for any kind of relationship.
Mark MAR91328
56 years
195 cm
107 kg
Greensboro / United States of America
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Go to chat.
Walter WAL2952
66 years
175 cm
85 kg
Augsburg / Germany
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I often visit Thailand for holiday and sometime also for business. I like the people and this country.
Maybe we can meet us sometime if I stay in Thailand.
Rafal RAF5835
60 years
172 cm
80 kg
Stettin / Poland
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normalny facet szuka normalnej kobiety
Jim JIM9901
68 years
177 cm
84 kg
N Ft Myers / United States of America
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i love the gift of life
Zios ZIO6260
43 years
179 cm
72 kg
Jeddah / United Kingdom
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looking for fun
Danush DAN3389
20 years
163 cm
76 kg
New York / United States of America
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My Danush My age 25
Francesco FRA2156
36 years
181 cm
71 kg
Messina / Italy
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I think there is no better way to meet and have dinner, face to face and get to know each other, I would like know a woman family oriented for start a relationship together and a family together in future.
Winfried WIN1775
66 years
180 cm
90 kg
Fulda / Germany
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thanks for looking I like chubby women very much, or even more than
your sincere
Haro HAR2603
54 years
182 cm
87 kg
Hanover / Germany
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I am tall and I need a tall woman. Please be 5,4" up.
neil NEI4862
57 years
177 cm
86 kg
Lowestoft / United Kingdom
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honest man working full time looking for a long term partner to share life with. i work full time and have a good job i love to eat out and have breaks in the uk and abroad. i live alone with my dog
honest guy looking for long term
Detlef DET3480
68 years
178 cm
91 kg
Alsdorf / Germany
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Alles kann nicht muss! Bin zu erreichen unter wha TS ap 015 xxxx weiter 043noch 88 und 93 hinten dran.
Kazzie KAZ3923
56 years
177 cm
80 kg
Faxe / Denmark
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Last update: 2021 februar 6.
Read my profile before contacting me - read it thoroughly and read it all !!!


You are welcome to come and live with me if we see us as a good match - but I don't pay for your ticket to me - if you can't pay that, we never gonna be a good match.

My computer is always turned on, so I might not be here - even I stand as online ..


Yes, I've been to your profile to look at you - I have a passion for looking at women and the way they dress - I just love to see if anyone dresses smartly in wonderful dresses or gowns.

My passion for the way women dress comes from my interest in wearing dresses - I'm a transvestite or crossdresser - but not full time - I usually only dress feminine privately or on special occasions. But I love wearing a dress or a skirt - the more feminine it looks, the better I feel.

I am into women, not men - even I love to dress as a woman myself - there is something special about being in a dress or skirt - Just love it.

All the pictures at my profile is me - there is no pictures of another person - both the pictures where I look like a man and also the pictures where I look like a woman - is all pictures of me - this is how I am and that is not going to change.
I am what people call a transvestite or a crossdresser

I would love to get in contact and meet a woman, who want a submissive "girl" in life and a equal man in life.
I would love to get in contact and meet a woman, who will live and enjoy dressing me as her girl in all the feminine dresses, skirts and gowns we can get - and then have joy in life for us both.

>>> If you contact me, tell me in your first message about your opinion about my addition and what you think about my kinky side of life, otherwise I will only send you a standard comment.
Tom TOM4674
48 years
171 cm
86 kg
Punxsutawne / United States of America
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Hello my name is Tom from USA. I am a commited "born again" Christian. I am here to find a good wife. My interests include: outdoor activities and nature, camping, fishing, hiking, target shooting, travel, trains, riding motorcycles, classic cars, beekeeping, church, cooking/baking, watching NFL football and movies/TV. I enjoy an occasional evening out but mostly just spending evenings together at home with dinner and then a movie together. I do not like bars and clubs (and all that goes along with that enviroment- drinking, dancing, smoking, drugs, etc) and I am not at all into that type of enviroment. I am reserved and somewhat shy but can be very sociable, intellegent, a thinker, somewhat perfectionistic, mature, responsible, faithful, affectionate, honest and financially secure. I am divorced we were not compatible so we decided to move on with our lives. Since then I have been in several serious relationships but have not seemed to have found the right one yet for my life. It is my goal to find the right person for my life that I can love and be compatible with. I have a 21 year old daughter that lives in another state. I am not really interested in having any more kids. I desire to walk out and fulfill the purposes and destiny God has for my life and looking for someone special to be a part of it soon!
Seeking an attractive thin (or very thin) "born again" Christian (or at least seriously willing to become) female xxxxx years old at least 5'4" xxxx tall with morals and values that loves God to spend a lifetime together as best friends and lovers! Also she must enjoy nature and outdoor activities. Willing to be a traditional type of wife and not overly materialistic or career oriented.