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Daniel DAN7312
35 years
175 cm
70 kg
Malå / Sweden
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Hello there,i´m Daniel from Northsweden, i am living here since 6 Years. I was born in Germany.I´m a 31 Years old positivly thinking man.I like different Kinds of Music:- Metal- Dubstep- Trapmusic- Gothic- Electro- classic music- Movie-Music (specially music like the Soundtrack from "Pulp Fiction")and many other Genres..
Tibor TIB2976
64 years
185 cm
95 kg
Westhausen / Germany
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Ein Ungarndeutscher sucht neue Partnerin.< partnert keres.
Harry HAR8889
64 years
180 cm
90 kg
Neustadt Ad / Germany
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looking forward to meet a nice, charming, honest and straight women for friendship. If most of our expections match, I am open for marriage, to enjoy the retirement
Stefan STE7598
36 years
178 cm
108 kg
Versailles / France
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What can I say about me, I don´t know. I find it hard to describe me. So ask me and I will answer the question.
David DAV2634
51 years
174 cm
84 kg
Hitchin / United Kingdom
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Hi there, Well I work in the City of London, as an Electronic field engineer and would like to get some more funds behind me and sail off again on my 38' sailboat, to explore the world some more.

I am looking for a lady to be my wife, that will join me in these adventures and explore the world together. I seek a woman, that is not a primadonna but someone that will join me in this wonderful world and build from it as we will and to explore all and meet peoples as we find.

A woman that will love and care for me as I do her, that will join me in all things, that will enjoy all life with me, that I can love and care for eachother.

Please I live my life, I am not rich, I work hard, and earn ok, I want all open and honest.

I have Peter he is 11 and lives with his mother, I usually visit every other weekend.

Ok that is me, so please is you want a life full of Amani and D&G please your not for me. But if you want to see this wonderful world with your new husband, sharing love and building a life together, then please write me.
Alejandro DIE7044
54 years
176 cm
65 kg
Barcelona / Spain
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at last sooner or later everyone want the same...not just a exciting moment....the best is a full life of great moments beside a wonderful person...exist a lot of liers...you know it ...i know it...can we fight against this ?...probably not...the only way is trust in the good people...don't loose your time to ask me about mail...everybody knows that behind to someone who ask for mail exist an scammer, a lier or a tricker..we live in the 21 century exist this chat to talk or some other ways...NO ANSWER ME NOT WRITE ME IF YOU WILL ASK ME FOR MAIL ADRESS
Mike MIK6797
62 years
177 cm
88 kg
San Pedro / Spain
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Hi I am Mike from England but now live in Spain and am looking for a new partner to share my life with and have a romantic relationship with
Adam ADA1029
47 years
187 cm
96 kg
Wodzisław Ś / Poland
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Nie mam aktywnego konta ale moze ktos bedzie chcial napisac kilka slow Adam.A malpeczka wp
Ingo ING7382
44 years
194 cm
94 kg
Wollerau / Switzerland
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Im new here on this Page I look and the next Day I make my Member
Risto RIS3404
53 years
180 cm
74 kg
Helsinki / Finland
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Life is much more than money. life is much easier when money is not too much. just enough to get it done
life is simple. there is no need to be anything else. does not need every year to go on vacation. buy anything in vain
John JOH5784
90 years
183 cm
74 kg
Melbourne / Australia
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I am Euro born - studied in Prague, lived in Melbourne most of my life. love life, know how to live, Know how to treat a woman, love music, singing, dancing, well-travelled real Scorpio. Well educated, able to debate most subjects, speak a few languages matriculated in Czech, Slovak, Russian, Polish, German, love Dancing, music, signing. drop of red vine. have a nice condo 2 xxxx batr. Gym, Indoor pool. In business imp/export website. xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx Keeping fit, eating healthy food. Exercise . Looking for a partner Attractive, slim, elegant educated speaking good English one that I would be proud to take anywhere. Also interested in business. Planning to travel to Prague, China, Dubai. The rest is up to you to find out. Could be fun, are you game? One more thing, had an unfortunate experience when the person turned out not to be what she claimed to be and the photo was not recent. So Now I like to meet ASAP , not interested it pen friendships and lonely hearts .Time is the most pressures commodity. We should not be wasting it.cheers John
Wo WO4335
55 years
175 cm
82 kg
Berlin / Germany
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Suche Dich, bitte melde Dich.
Dhan DHA4885
62 years
172 cm
73 kg
Norrbotten / Sweden
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looking for my woman....

(I am not a paying member, to contact me zoom and check my picture.
Joerg JOE8013
50 years
185 cm
90 kg
Md / Germany
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Hello, i'm looking for a nice, kind, friendly girl to start a good relationship. I'm just a nice and normal guy who really wants to meet somebody.
There is so many to explore in the world, it makes more sense if we can do it together.
I’m looking for serious relationships.
Haro HAR2603
52 years
182 cm
87 kg
Hanover / Germany
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I am tall and I need a tall woman. Please be 5,4" up.
Leszek LES2006
63 years
170 cm
78 kg
Hanover / Germany
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Pani szczupla.Mile widziana aktywnosc sportowa.Niezalezna.jestem na innych port.Brak aktywnego konta ztad brak odpowiedzi.Nie szukam sponsora i nie .sponsoruje.Leszek Gebski.Pozdrawiam.Jestem xxxxxxxxxxxxx
Костя BFH2140
45 years
188 cm
95 kg
Omsk / Russian Federation
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Looking for ladyboy to start a family
Vadim VAD3878
27 years
176 cm
63 kg
Amsterdam / Netherlands
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Dream Angel. Tell me your's dreams.Just tell me what u wish what u want what is ur dreams and I will implement them
Pedro PED5503
58 years
158 cm
62 kg
Huancayo / Peru
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fiel, honesta, sincera, alegre.
Micha MIC7267
43 years
190 cm
104 kg
Düsseldorf / Germany
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Who can find a virtous woman? For her price is far above rubies." These words have greatly influenced my life into looking out to get the one and only... therefore, i am a young man who loves to smile around, makes the people happy through my witty and charming ways... Home is considered as a little heaven here on earth.. so i make sure that it is filled with love and orderliness. I wanted to become a good help to wife soon; become her bestfriend who is always willing to listen to her ups and downs in life. Always ready to support her in all her plans and dreams in life. For in this way, i know life can become a very worthy to live for i have made her and she make me the best person that we ought to be.
Maybe it`s YOU? ...Feel free to drop me a few lines here...
Sincerely yours