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Aditya ADI5092
41 years
188 cm
89 kg
Baroda / India
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I would describe myself as a jovial person having depth and appreciating the smaller things in life...I dont fear God but I love him cause one cant love what he fears A couple of bad relationships have taught me a lot and have helped me nail as to what I want from my partner. It would be nice to meet someone who is open minded and willing to try a new life in a new country.You never know how and where love strikes.
Andreas AND1823
64 years
172 cm
65 kg
Bern / Switzerland
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My name its Andreas 61years old. I had 34 years ago a Accident, now I am paraplegic. I live alone, I manage everything alone. I have my own, good running Business. I would like to meet a nice helpfool women, for my futures.
Andreas AND6077
56 years
186 cm
78 kg
Meerbusch / Germany
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Suche eine liebevolle,humorvolle,Treue,romantische Frau
Gary GAR5978
61 years
173 cm
85 kg
Eagle Butte / United States of America
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Looking for honest and willing to walk thru life side by side no matter what the circumstances. [up down richer or poorer sickness and health] looking for a equal who will treat you that way
Andrew AND2110
44 years
187 cm
95 kg
Toronto / Canada
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Just checking the site out, lots of cute members!
Henry HEN9189
64 years
183 cm
81 kg
Zunzgen / Switzerland
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suche das fehlende Glied in meinem Leben, meine Seelenverwandte
Ferenc FER3639
53 years
198 cm
90 kg
Tg Mureș / Romania
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I am a person with character, modest and loving everything beautiful, I want to rebuild my life with a lady with similar aspirations based on trust and mutual respect
Isidro Noé ISI8601
62 years
165 cm
64 kg
Santo Domin / Ecuador
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No bebo ni fumo, hago ejercicios para mantenerme en forma, paseo en vacaciones a la playa, al aire libre
Rouz ROU1093
38 years
170 cm
-- kg
Brisbane / Australia
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Here looking to get to know people and possibly find a partner.
Enzo ENZ8655
52 years
178 cm
79 kg
La Rochelle / France
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recherche muse et partenaire pour complicité et duo parloes et music
Mario MAR15315
43 years
178 cm
120 kg
Gersdorf An / Austria
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I'm a simple man looking for a woman for life. I live in a small house in the country for rent. You should accept me as I am. If you feel addressed, do not hesitate to write to me.
Frank FRA66133
60 years
185 cm
120 kg
Unna / Germany
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Hello, I am looking for an emotional woman who is interested in a real partnership and wants to live with me. Nationality is not important, communication is very important. English or German would be fantastic. Please no games, you do not play with the feelings of other people. If you like me it's ok, if not then do not contact me.
Ray RAY3009
76 years
171 cm
67 kg
Saginaw / United States of America
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I am a positive, outgoing, romantic, affectionate guy with a sense of humor and a love of people. I stay in shape, love to travel, love family, and love music. My favorite things are family, relationships, beaches, daily physical activity, reading, studying, travel, people, and playing the piano. I've enjoyed two careers in my life--teaching (math, science, and history), and running my own marketing business. I retired in 2012 and have enjoyed the freedom much, and had expected and did discover that there was still an unlimited list of exciting things to do—that there is STILL not enough time in each day to do all the things I want to do. But I've also found that it's hard for me to stay out of the classroom. I LOVE giving to kids, and I love academics. But I know I could be easily persuaded to drop that temporary dalliance by the right woman if she felt the need to tempt me away.I have begun to love the beaches of Florida—specifically, on the Gulf. But also enjoy skiing in winter and hiking in summer—especially in places like Ontario, the Upper Peninsula, New Hampshire, Maine and the Smokies.I also love to play tennis, rollerblade, swim laps (even more exciting—swim in open water in the Gulf or Lake Michigan for example), and the occasional round of golf.I love good movies, popcorn, concerts, classical music, and a variety of non-classical music. By now, in case you haven't figured this out, I am NEVER bored! I believe that if a couple loves each other, they will find ways to enjoy many activities together. They will always be looking for fun things to do together and ways to build traditions and memories. They will be always looking for ways to make each other feel special, loved. They will never take each other for granted. You are positive, energetic, outgoing, attractive, educated, intelligent, fun, affectionate, romantic, at least somewhat athletic and somewhat fit, supportive, someone who communicates easily, and someone who loves to make sure her man knows where home is. I love to see my woman dressed up pretty, but I like her to be comfortable and dressed down when it's time. And she will want to make me feel wanted by her. I will make sure that she knows that she is wanted by me. I love life. I am looking for a woman who loves life!
Johnny HAN8358
67 years
179 cm
79 kg
Vienna / Austria
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Ich bin der Mann mit den xxxx Herz,Hirn,Humor
George GEO5075
53 years
175 cm
52 kg
Mysiadlo / Poland
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I'm a man of my words, my yes is my yes and my no is my no
Esteban EST3729
49 years
178 cm
73 kg
Puerto Mont / Chile
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Hi there! I am a curious and energetic Leo looking for a nice lady. I like to meet new people and make friends very easily. I am looking for the nice sweet stare of the chosen one to love. I would travel the world to find the love I am looking for. Hope to find you soon.
Thomas THO0183
46 years
199 cm
103 kg
Chemnitz / Germany
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I from Germany can not read contact information here...no pro-member!!
Advan ADV7732
56 years
176 cm
71 kg
Frankfurt a / Germany
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thank you for your visit.
Unfortunately the branch information is missing - not in the list - maybe it is important for you:
Biotechnology - KI - Engineering - some others...

In the following some "citations" I find good, or partially has written - with this quotes / attitudes I hope that it' possible, you can better appreciate me.

>Trust is an oasis in the heart - which never can reached from the caravan of thought

>Understanding, tolerance and patience are like "practical love"

>It is one thing to be rich - and another to have money

>There is only one kind of progress:
sharpening our all conscience

>We are not loved because we are so good, but because those who love us are good - and humour is a plus :-)

>Don't ask what life is giving you, ask what you are giving "the life"

>Anything contrary to nature, cannot last in the long run

>It is doubtless a very beautiful harmony... - when words and deeds agree

Thank you for your visit and reading my profile.

A big, big request: Please, no digitally worked on Foto's - only real Foto's are honest pictures!

PS: I love the nature, nativeness, natural faces / lips / eyes / finger nails / body ... - and therefore I'm looking O N L Y for truth, genuineness, authenticity!!!

PPS: Perhaps you are agree with me, that - for example - trust, understanding, respect, responsibility, loyality and confidence the way for a successful strong family with happy children?

PPPS: Please don't write or answer, when you are using silicone, botox and / or other contaminant substances - thank you very much!

Tommy TOM4376
35 years
178 cm
79 kg
Oslo / Norway
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hello nice to meet you here
Chelliah CHE6905
70 years
173 cm
83 kg
Hjørring / Denmark
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I think i am a sincere and kind person.I want to find a woman and be a good partner for her. I believe in soul mate. My love is waiting for some one some where.