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Jens PAU3151
43 years
192 cm
98 kg
Schönberg / Germany
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Hi, I´m Jens,
at first , thanks for visit my Profil. I realy hope that you are agree with some things here. Than you are right here.
Im searching for people all over the world, to find some interesting people, and maybe miss right?

I realy like to go windsurfen in Denmark, go by bike or by my motorbike. I like to enjoy the nature with my partner, with the Kids, or all together.
If you are open minded too, than write a short massage, and ill answer you.

Im not a fake, and i will be very honest with you.
See you soon ;-)
Sascha SAS2828
56 years
180 cm
80 kg
Hamburg / Germany
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Mein Spitzname ist....... und ich surfe gerne
xxxxxxxxx in Deutschland.
Enrico ENR1276
44 years
194 cm
85 kg
Halle / Germany
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Such eine eine nete Sie , alles andere wird sich schon ergeben.
Michael MIC4041
52 years
190 cm
92 kg
Ulm / Germany
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I am looking for a woman from the Philipines who wants to live with me in Germany.
Xaxe MAR84767
61 years
180 cm
110 kg
San Juan / Denmark
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Attila ATT8328
56 years
178 cm
93 kg
Miskolc / Hungary
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For 9 years I have been living separately from my old wife, who lives in Hungary. I am here for the 9th time, I love Panglao very much, I have Boholt! I have 3 diplomas, I have a business, but I also get a tranquil because I worked as a teacher and a national leader! I can deny my age for 10 years! I have 3 adult graduate children, 2 girls and 1 boy. One of my daughters is a US citizen, lives there! Swimmers, diving, motorbikes, photographers, painters, etc. I'd like to have a serious relationship with a nice, pretty, honest lady! I can take 1 more kids now! Now I rent a new house for 1 year, with 2 rooms, bathroom, etc. Panglao!Unfortunately I speak little English, but with translater we can speak everything!
Al AL1784
55 years
182 cm
90 kg
The Bronx / United States of America
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I`m very sweet, love to have a good time love the beach and traveling, looking for the same in that female who is looking for my love, my lady must be ready to live in the USA look me up
Jim JIM4078
64 years
173 cm
73 kg
New York / United States of America
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My wife passed away a few years ago after a long battle with cancer//
Holger HOL8201
48 years
175 cm
70 kg
Berlin / Germany
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Frag doch was du wissen willst.
Esteban EST3729
45 years
178 cm
73 kg
Puerto Mont / Chile
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Hi there! I am a curious and energetic Leo looking for a nice lady. I like to meet new people and make friends very easily. I am looking for the nice sweet stare of the chosen one to love. I would travel the world to find the love I am looking for. Hope to find you soon.
Dario DAR3780
43 years
170 cm
70 kg
Bogota / Colombia
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deportista, inteligente, honesto, optimista i LIKE
Cary CAR4574
59 years
187 cm
114 kg
Waco / United States of America
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I am a Veterinarian in Texas enjoying the chance to spend more time smelling the roses and less time working.
Julio JUL7114
40 years
160 cm
67 kg
Lima / Peru
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sincero amoroso leal sobre mi pareja que sea de mente abierta amorosa fiel y muy trabajadora
Paulo PAU2142
56 years
181 cm
82 kg
London / United Kingdom
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Easy going, open-minded, caring man.

Trying always to be optimistic. Always say to people what I think.

Just looking for someone nice. Kindness in my life. That is all.

I enjoy cycling, swimming, long walks, trekking, sun, beaches, waterfalls, cooking nice food, reading, traveling, cinema, photography (as a hobby and sometimes as a profession), museums (every now and then).
Laurent LAU2347
62 years
178 cm
86 kg
Kadena / Japan
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a kind,ext.lumour est une tres grande partie de ma vie.ecriver moi en francais sa me feras plaisir/
Edward EDW1066
54 years
171 cm
83 kg
Quezon / Philippines
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I'm simple sincere person. As a banker, I am living a comfortable life. I am reasonably successful financially but not so when it comes to finding the right partner. I am hoping to find the right one to be my life partner. Once I do, I will be totally devoted. I want a family and will ensure that they are well-provided for, materially, emotionally and spiritually.
Pino PIN1875
68 years
183 cm
99 kg
Toronto / Canada
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I look for a gentle soul that will give me love, affection, respect and be faithful. I shall repay her with the same for the rest of my life. I want to make someone special very happy. For me giving is more important than receiving. In business and in my private life, I believe and practice, as much as possible, the "golden rule". (Treat others as you would want them to treat you.) I travel a lot. I spend 4 to 5 months of the year (usually May to September) in Italy. (I am an Italian citizen). I reside in Toronto, Canada. I spend 5 to 6 months of the year here in Toronto. (I am also a Canadian citizen). In the winter, to get away from the cold, I usually go to a Caribbean country (in Cuba for the last 2 years). I love travelling. I am not perfect, in fact, at my age, I am set on my good and bad ways. But I also think that in life, there is always room for improvements. I will write more about myself in due time. Please do not feel offended if, at times, I do not write back. Thank you.
Sjon SJO2615
73 years
175 cm
79 kg
Austin / United States of America
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I am a film maker who loves to travel and see the world. I was raised in Europe and the Orient and presently live in Texas, USA. I am looking for a partner and friend who may, some day, become my life partner.
Detlev DET4586
50 years
179 cm
97 kg
Westerndorf / Germany
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Suche eine feste Beziehung
Patrick PAT4913
47 years
178 cm
90 kg
Amarillo / United States of America
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Just a single guy ready to move on in life and start a new life and relationship with someone. Im very easy going and family oriented. Love the outdoors and just enjoying life in general.