(200)  (72)  (200)  (138)  (39)  (200)  (14)  (16)  (3)
Julia JUL9333
29 years
170 cm
57 kg
Dnipropetro / Ukraine
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Firstly, I want to wish everthing good to everyone! . As you know Ukrainian women are very good housewives, and I am not exception. Family values are very important to me and I know how to make family friendly and strong! I am smart and beautiful lady, with big soul and kind heart. Only my man could appreciate it. Because with right man woman become happy and unfold like a flower))) So close as so far away. I feel that soon I will meet my man. For everyone destiny predestined person. My man waits for me as I do! My dream comes true when I find him and get an opportunity to hug him. To feel that he is real and mine. I know that my man will be the best for me! Of course, he should has such character traits as intelligence, kindness, honestly and be well bred! Only together, we could start to write our own story of love!!!
Sofia SOF3199
33 years
170 cm
65 kg
Kulynychi / Ukraine
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To describe my character with colorful colors... I do not like that. Almost all people remember their many positive attributes. But they like to forget their little mistakes, which can make life unbearable.

I'm looking for a man with whom we would have similar interests and views on life, with whom we would want to achieve similar goals, and live a better future together. I think that in the case of living people who are somewhat enthusiastic, they are almost the same. I'm looking for a man who isn't searching for a cook, a cleaning woman, a gardener or a babysitter. Let us do it all together!
Elena ELE8786
57 years
162 cm
62 kg
Sumy Ua Zu / Switzerland
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Im intelligent , responsible,educated, tolerant womman.
I will be to meet a decent man.
Liuyuchun LIU8433
48 years
152 cm
48 kg
济南 / China
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i come from china,live in jinan city of shandong province .honest,kind,strong,optimistic.like the cooking, running and climbing mountains, also like to study the economic and cultural knowledge.I was born, With congenital spinal bifida disease, Did three times in the shandong medical university affiliated hospital surgery 。four months,Spinal bifida repair surgery , right leg nerve damage, causing right foot varus,Six years of age, the right foot to do corrective surgery, fifteen years old, the right foot to do plastic surgery,recovered well,now walk normally,Running, climbing, riding a bicycle is good.I work in the company for 25 years ,Belong to the chemical industry, officially retired。looking for a honest and kind-hearted and responsible life partner,Down-to-earth love each other, Mutual respect and care. hand in hand, slowly grow old together. independent, Self-esteem, self-respect, Is my life principle,Refuse to one night stand, Do not play emotional games.

Looking for a serious relationship. Don't allow fraud, game players.

My retirement life is busy and fulfilling. Mother, 82 years old, mild Alzheimer's disease, I take care of her daily Life, is my duty and responsibility 。

If you look for rich women,Please do not contact me,l am not.I am seriously looking for an honest, kind-hearted, life partner to spend the rest of my life.

Tatyana TAT1389
57 years
160 cm
61 kg
Sumy / Ukraine
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I would like to meet a kind and decent man with whom it is easy and interesting to spend time for which family values are very important. It is important that there is mutual understanding and respect. Most of life is lived and, probably, many mistakes are made, so why not take them into account and spend the rest of your life in perfect harmony?
Suri SUR7545
32 years
153 cm
46 kg
Ho Chi Minh / Vietnam
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I'm sensitive, thinking a lot, quiet with strangers or keep quiet if I find people around do not fit me by talking.
I love nature, geography and travelling. I like outside activities. I am interested in art so much.

I love children and family too. I wish to have my own family soon!

I look for a Caucasian man wants serious relationship lead to marriage. A normal appearance, bright white and clean on his face and body. I don't like beard, but you are with a little bit beard is ok, not too bushy beard ; not much tattoos on whole body; not too large people, not too old people so that we look relatively proportionate to each other, there is no big difference by appearance. He is enough mature, calm, listening, understanding and can share with me in life.

(Sorry, I have a preference for Caucasian guys, and want to create a family having mixed children with half white).

**Note**: xxxx Just real man and serious man for pure and clean conversations to know together more and build a serious relationship. I dont have time to waste with scammers, fake profiles, cheaters, play games or just for xxxx Please, for people who like to judge others:

I don't hate black people/yellow people/or any others..... They have their lives, and Me live my life too. They have their wishes and desires, and me too.(And my wish is to have a caucasian husband, mixed children with half Asian and half white.That's all).

They live their lives, and I live my life too. I have no effect to their life or their wishes or their desires. I live and try to get my wishes and desire, It has no effect on their lives/or anyone's life.

So don't say that I am racist or something like that. I have my life, they have their lives too, no relate. I do not need to discriminate against them or hate them. I never thought of racial discrimination any time. So pls don't judge me like that!

Lets take your time and your mind to pray for the good things in the next time of your life, don't judge anyone!
Elina ELI7210
32 years
160 cm
53 kg
Kiev / Ukraine
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Man, if you are warm-hearted, intelligent, ready to have a wife, a child and a cat, if you are not afraid of a temporary language barrier and bureaucracy, then write to me, let's start with Hello, I want to know you better ...
Liezl LIE5971
31 years
154 cm
47 kg
Curbo / Philippines
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I am loving caring... Understanding..honest.. I looking for the same who iam..
Florebel FLO9427
32 years
150 cm
48 kg
Tagbilaran / Philippines
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I am a simple woman who is looking a serious long term relationship.I am honest and sincere with my searching.If you are interested with me then send me a message so that we can getting know each other.I really appreciate someone who send me a message.
Haijie HAI1162
45 years
172 cm
64 kg
North / China
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wish to find friend for long relationship, and enjoy simple family life.
Марина AWX9476
37 years
168 cm
56 kg
Kryvyy Rih / Ukraine
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Girlfriends say about me that I am very kind and have a good sense of humor. In a company without me it's boring, but with me it's just fun.Also, I'm shy, but in work purposeful and persevering. Everything I do, I try to perform accurately and qualitatively. I'm used to investing my soul in any business I do. At home I have a clean and beautiful.I like to cook: from meat, salads, bake desserts.I also like the sea, I like traveling and I go in for sports.I'd like to meet a person to my liking, which will be easy, cozy and fun. With whom I will be like a stone wall. Not a deceiver. A man with whom I would like to live a lifetime. I really want to fall in love with a caring strong man, who loves an active lifestyle.
Anna ANN8816
30 years
170 cm
66 kg
Klemenova / Ukraine
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Hello men .
I want to go to Seychelles, Maldives, Mauritius ,if you want to go with me ,let me know .

Puritans - passing by.

O and i want pure love because i am perfect.
Оlga OUU3735
64 years
164 cm
84 kg
Antratsit L / Ukraine
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You're my angel, welcome love!
You wake up somewhere and breathe.
Looking for you, I call again and again,
And I believe that will come. Hear me.

When i close my eyes, i see you.
When i open my eyes, i miss you.

I love you, but not who you are, but rather who I am when I am with you.
Bernadette BIA6518
22 years
167 cm
55 kg
Malabon / Philippines
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I am a friendly person with a good heart I love to eat and i want to travel . I want a man with a good heart and man that gonna love me so much .
Татьяна XQD5397
59 years
170 cm
78 kg
Kiev Kirovo / Ukraine
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Living together for good and bad days
Zhang ZHA3123
47 years
165 cm
59 kg
Zhuhai / China
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Time flies, life is short, rest life is even valuable.

They say happiness is difficult to get, while it lies in every detail from daily life, in case you are willing to observe.

Cooking a delicious meal, listening to a nice song, reading a wonderful article , making some kidding......especially when you finish one day's hard work, the one you love accompanies you to enjoy those simple but sweet moments, this is happiness and love.

I am traditional Chinese woman, hoping to meet right person to cherish rest life.

Olga OLG5588
57 years
164 cm
62 kg
Kharkiv / Ukraine
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Want to love and be loved. ...
Mariya MAR47681
32 years
168 cm
65 kg
Lviv / Ukraine
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I'm looking for a man who is ready for serious relationships. I am a mother of two children of a boy and a girl. I want to get laid to create a strong and friendly family.
Ella ELL4737
36 years
163 cm
53 kg
Mariupol / Ukraine
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Im caring and loving with the rite person.
Olga OLG5925
35 years
172 cm
55 kg
Rostovondon / Russian Federation
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I'm looking for attractive interested in creating a family partner in the future life, and wanting to be a father to have children. I would like to be part of a strong and harmonious relationship with a man.